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Lees hoe oud collega's, partners en managers over me denken.

Esther is a true administrative partner. Always there to help and make everyone feel welcome. A loyal, dedicated, flexible and accurate professional. She is mindful in her communication, taking her target audience into consideration. An asset to every team!

Esther is one of the best and most allround assistants I've ever had. Whether it's managing complex agendas, making travel arrangements, supporting sales or independently running projects. She is flexible, accurate and always in control. I highly recommend Esther to boost your (team) effectiveness.

Angelique T.

Lars C.

Esther and I have worked together for approaching four years. Esther has show herself to be a diligent programme leader with an innate ability to pick up new strategies as if versed for years. It is this focus on understanding new and complex strategies across multiple geographies, which has seen Esther recognised internationally as an unrivalled problem solver. Esther can achieve anything she sets her mind on, her versatility combined with focus makes Esther a future leader in any company lucky enough to have her.

Esther is an enthousiastic and driven employee. She is committed and flexible, far beyond the confines of her job description. She is recognized by her colleagues for her willingness to help and can-do mentality. Her capabilities, initiative and flexibility are illustrated by her job move from administrative assistent to marketing specialist within Precima. In short: Esther takes initiative and she fixes stuff.

Oliver M.

Pepijn vdL.

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